Images of lab research

Advanced Research in Data Science

Our research is in the area of physics-based statistical signal processing algorithms, and we are actively engaged in two general application areas:

  1. Investigating human perception and developing robust remediation strategies for a variety of communication impairments or limitations.
  2. Developing robust sensor-based algorithms for the remote detection and identification of potentially hazardous buried objects (e.g., landmines).

Besides these two general application areas, we are always engaging in new research projects ranging from automatic solar panel detection to seizure prediction. If you are interested in working with us on any type of project where machine learning can be applied, please visit our opportunities page.


Image content: (left) Daniël, our newest research scientist, describes part of his research to Boyla, who is also a research scientist in the lab. (top right) Solar panel detection confidence map. (bottom right) unearthed landmines.