Heart Sound Analysis in Individuals Supported With Left Ventricular Assist Devices.

TitleHeart Sound Analysis in Individuals Supported With Left Ventricular Assist Devices.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsXJ Chen, ET Laporte, C Olsen, LM Collins, P Patel, R Karra, and BO Mainsah
JournalIeee Trans Biomed Eng
Start Page3009
Pagination3009 - 3018
Date Published10/2021

OBJECTIVE: LVADs are surgically implanted mechanical pumps that improve survival rates of individuals with advanced heart failure. LVAD therapy is associated with high morbidity, which can be partially attributed to challenges with detecting LVAD complications before adverse events occur. Current methods used to monitor for complications with LVAD support require frequent clinical assessments at specialized LVAD centers. Analysis of recorded precordial sounds may enable real-time, remote monitoring of device and cardiac function for early detection of LVAD complications. The dominance of LVAD sounds in the precordium limits the utility of routine cardiac auscultation of LVAD recipients. In this work, we develop a signal processing pipeline to mitigate sounds generated by the LVAD. METHODS: We collected in vivo precordial sounds from 17 LVAD recipients, and contemporaneous echocardiograms from 12 of these individuals, to validate heart valve closure timings. RESULTS: We characterized various acoustic signatures of heart sounds extracted from in vivo recordings, and report preliminary findings linking fundamental heart sound characteristics and level of LVAD support. CONCLUSION: Mitigation of LVAD sounds from precordial sound recordings of LVAD recipients enables analysis of intrinsic heart sounds. SIGNIFICANCE: These findings provide proof-of-concept evidence of the clinical utility of heart sound analysis for bedside and remote monitoring of LVAD recipients.

Short TitleIeee Trans Biomed Eng